For many car owners, they are very concerned about one issue, that is, how can claims be settled faster for car insurance? In the process of vehicle claims, car owners usually find that there are many problems in car insurance, such as the difficulty of claim settlement and the low integrity of insurance companies. Part of the reason for these problems is that the car owners themselves do not understand car insurance, and part of the reason comes from The chaotic auto insurance market. How to settle car insurance claims faster? Next, let’s find out together.

How to settle auto insurance claims faster: 1. Check whether the claims requirements are cumbersome. In the process of choosing car insurance, terms are the first thing car owners should pay attention to. Since the terms of claim settlement are different for major insurance companies, there is also a big gap in the claim settlement process. The problem of complete documents is the biggest factor affecting claims. In recent years, the insurance regulatory authorities have been speeding up the settlement of claims by insurance companies, so many insurance companies have launched the claim settlement measure of “payment within one day for less than 10,000 yuan”. However, a condition of complete information will always be attached to these clauses.

The problem of complete information For car owners, this requirement not only delays the time of car owners, but also adds a lot of trouble to car insurance claims. After the car owner collects the materials, it often takes a day to pass, and sometimes the claim is rejected due to incomplete documents.

2. Looking at the data, individual cases cannot represent the overall time

When car owners buy auto insurance, many insurance companies will take out individual claims cases to promote them relatively quickly. The insurance company reminds everyone that to judge whether the insurance company settles the claim quickly, it is not to look at individual cases, but to look at the average case closing cycle time. The cases brought up by insurance companies are only in extreme cases of accidents, and do not represent the time limit for claims of the entire company. However, the average case closing cycle is a comprehensive statistic of the insurance company’s claim settlement speed, which can reflect the insurance company’s claim settlement level.

Auto insurance fast claim settlement method

1. Report to the police in time after an accident

If you want to settle your claim quickly, you need to report it in time. In the insurance contract, there is generally a certain limit on the reporting time. The filing time of different insurance companies is also different. Reporting the case in time will help the insurance company get the news of the accident in the shortest possible time, help the investigators to grasp the first-hand information in a timely manner, and have a positive effect on the identification of the vehicle.

2. Complete claims information

For car owners, in the process of claim settlement, the premise and basis for the insurance company to quickly settle claims is that the customer provides complete claim settlement materials. If the materials provided are incomplete, not only will it be more difficult for the insurance company to settle claims, but the time for insurance claims will also be prolonged, and disputes over claims will easily arise. Therefore, once a car owner appears, the relevant materials need to be prepared under the guidance of the insurance company, and the car owner must actively cooperate.

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