With the promotion of various browsers, various manufacturers and users, HTTPS has become the standard configuration of websites, and the demand for SSL certificates is getting higher and higher. Today, VPS Detective will take you to popularize the knowledge related to SSL certificates and recommend them. The current SSL certificate service provider used by vps detectives.

Why do you need an SSL certificate?
HTTP is the hypertext transfer protocol, and the information is transmitted in plain text, while HTTPS is the hypertext transfer security protocol, and the information is transmitted through SSL encryption. If you want to use https, you must deploy an SSL certificate.

SSL certificates are generally divided into three categories: DV, OV, and EV.

The DV type is a domain name SSL certificate (DV SSL). The most basic SSL certificate can be used by individuals and businesses. The DV SSL certificate only verifies domain name ownership, generally for file verification, DNS record verification, and email verification.

The OV type certificate is an organization-verified SSL certificate (OV SSL), which is suitable for large websites such as e-commerce platforms, and requires users to submit many credential information such as organizational information and unit authorization letters for verification.

The EV type certificate is an enhanced SSL certificate (EV SSL), the highest level of SSL certificate, which is stricter than the OV type, and is suitable for industries with very high requirements such as banks. The address bar will display the company name. For example, China Merchants bank Co., Ltd[CN] will be displayed for China Merchants. However, it seems that this is displayed directly in the address bar of all browsers. Now, after testing it, only the address bar of IE browser will display It is displayed directly, but Chrome and Firefox do not display it directly, so it is not clear whether it is an individual case.

This article only takes DV-type domain names as an example, OV and EV are too difficult for enterprises to play.

In addition, according to the number of domain names, it can be divided into single domain name certificates, multi-domain name certificates and pan-domain name certificates (or wildcard certificates, commonly known as wild cards or *.vpser.net).

Today we will talk about the currently used SSL certificates according to the free SSL certificate and the paid SSL certificate.

Free SSL certificate
Let’s Encrypt
At present, the most widely used and popular SSL certificate service provider can not only generate single domain name but also multi-domain name and pan-domain name certificates, and it is free, but the validity period is only 3 months, and there are no requirements for personal websites, open source projects, testing, etc. It can be used in an environment that is too high, and of course it can also be used by enterprises.

There are many ways to generate Let’s Encrypt certificates, such as lnmp one-click installation package (supports single/multiple/pan domain name SSL certificates), official certbot, acme.sh, etc.

Cloud service provider, CDN service provider free SSL certificate
Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Youpai Cloud, etc. all provide free SSL certificates, usually TrustAsia certificates.

The verification method of these merchants is generally to manually add DNS resolution records for verification or file verification.

Fee SSL certificate
There are many paid certificate service providers, but the certificate certification authorities (CA) are mainly Comodo (PositiveSSL, Essential SSL, InstantSSL, etc.), RapidSSL, GoGetSSL, Symantec, Thawte, etc.

Recommended merchant: Namecheap sister company of SSLS.com, the price is much cheaper than Namecheap, and it is also a very cheap one at present. The cheapest is PositiveSSL at 5.88$/year, 11.08/4 years, but it should be noted that currently SSL allows a maximum of 2 years, and 2 years need to be reissued. Support paypal, credit card, bitcoin and other payment methods.
GoGetSSL.com The cheapest GoGetSSL is $4/year, $7/2 years, PositiveSSL is $4.5/year, $7.9/2 years, supports Paypal, credit card.

Multi-domain name is actually an embarrassing existence. GoGetSSL multi-domain name is 15 USD/year, and each additional domain name is 6 USD. If you add 5 domain names, the price is already the same as that of generic domain name SSL, which is suitable for the demand of adding a small number of domain names.

The one-year price of generic domain name GoGetSSL is relatively cheaper at $45/year and $78/2 years.

Some bigwigs also provide a very cheap AlphaSSL generic domain name SSL, you can find it by yourself, but it is not recommended, after all, the risk is relatively high.

Personal applications such as general blogs can directly use Let’sEncrypt or a free one-year SSL certificate. If the requirements are higher or some services whose remaining validity period of the SSL certificate must be greater than 3 months can purchase a paid SSL certificate, the price is not expensive .

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