VectorVest is software that helps market timing with stock strength calculations and buy and sell trade signals. Vectorvest now publishes its track record, so it is worth trying.

By analyzing various market factors, including trends, momentum, and value, VectorVest provides you with timing signals for buying and selling stocks. I will provide you with an overview of VectorVest to help you determine if it meets your needs.

Our review testing finds VectorVest expensive, but considering its stock recommendation system claims to have beaten the S&P 500 tenfold in the last 22 years, it is certainly worth trying. VectorVest benefits traders and investors by primarily simplifying finding stocks based on its proprietary system and providing general bullish and bearish signals.

Key Features

⚡ Features Charts, Watchlists, Screening
🏆 Unique Features Market Timing Gauge
🎯 Best for Beginner Investors
♲ Subscription Monthly, Yearly
💰 Price $149/m
💻 OS Web Browser
✂ Discount 1st Month $0.99
🌎 Region USA

What is VectorVest?

Dr. Bart DiLiddo founded VectorVest over 40 years ago to provide a simple-to-use system for recommending buy and sell signals to investors based on a proprietary stock-rating system based on Value, Strength, and Timing.


VectorVest software is straightforward to use because it is designed to promote the Value, Safety, and Timing system. This means they have a minimal variety of stock market indicators; they provide only what is needed to trade within their VST system parameters.

VectorVest Covers The Following Stock Exchanges:

  • 8000+ US Stocks & Indices
  • 2,500+ Canadian Stocks
  • 2,000+ Australian Stocks
  • 2,000+ UK Shares
  • 2,000+ European Stocks

The VectorVest Dashboard

At the heart of VectorVest is the dashboard, which offers a simple view of how the market is doing today.

Try VectorVest


VectorVest has three service tiers: Basic, Enhanced, and Premium. The basic service lacks many of VectorVest’s benefits. I recommend the enhanced service, which is good for investors, or the Premium for those who want to swing or day trade.

Service Basic Enhanced Premium
Data/Quotes End of Day 15 mins Delay Real-time
Buy/Sell & Rating Signals End of Day 15 mins Delay Real-time
Stops, Timing Signals
Price/m $69 $89 $149
Good For Investors Investors Traders

Regarding pricing, Vectorvest is neither expensive nor cheap; it sits in the middle. It does not try to compete with TradingView, MetaStock, or TrendSpider, which offer incredible value for money. However, the competitors do not offer the same level of simplicity as VectorVest.

Buy/Sell/Stop Signals

VectorVest does provide buy or sell ratings for every stock they cover, which is interesting. They also have a method for suggesting the Stop Loss, which is the price at which you should sell stock to limit your losses.

VectorVest claims to be the only platform to provide buy or sell signals, but this is not true. Other stock software, such as Trade Ideas, MetaStock, or TradingView, also offers these signals.


News & Social

VectorVest does not have specific features to enable social chat or community within the software. However, it provides subscribers with a weekly market update on YouTube.

Some customers complain about the cost of the training courses available through VectorVest and VectorVest’s constant focus on selling the courses and add-on products.

Technical Analysis

VectorVest has around 20 technical indicators and drawing tools, including:

  • Trendlines, Gann & Fibonacci
  • Moving Averages, Momentum, RSI, and Stochastics

VectorVest also provides specific add-ons to help with trading styles, but they come at a hefty price.

VectorVest Add-ons

  • RoboTrader $99/month – RoboTrader watches your portfolio around the clock.
  • Realtime Derby $99/month – See all the best strategies at a glance as they compete.
  • Options Analyzer $495/month – Analyze options profit/loss for developing future strategies.
  • Options Pro $249/month – Discover options investment opportunities and collect higher premiums with OptionsPro.
  • Profitlocker Pro $99/month – Maximize profits with the only dynamic trading stop that adjusts to the market.
  • Super Watchdog $99/month – Dynamic monitoring that brings trades to you even when you’re away from your computer.


VectorVest core philosophy is to buy rising stocks in a rising market.

Similarly, sell falling stocks in a falling market.

It also tries to “keep it simple” by buying safe, undervalued stocks that are rising in price.

To do this, it considers market timing, technical analysis, and fundamental analysis into the mix.

True to the philosophy of keeping it simple, you don’t need to spend hours analyzing a stock by looking.

The VectorVest algorithms analyze the stocks for you and give you a simple green, yellow, or red signal as to whether it recommends buying, holding, or selling that particular asset.

Is VectorVest Worth It?

There is just so much to the VectorVest platform, including additional “add-ons” for an additional cost.

Even though this article has already been super long, I feel like I’ve barely touched the surface and did not even get around to talking about all the other VectorVest features available due to the limited space I have in this article.

VectorVest provides users with a range of tools to manage their portfolios, including trade alerts, position sizing, and risk management.

Additionally, the platform offers educational resources and support to help users develop their investment strategies and improve their trading skills.

Overall, VectorVest is designed to help investors save time and make better investment decisions by providing them with access to a wide range of market data and analysis tools.



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