• Best for: Range of service
    Start-up fee: $119–$149
    Monthly fee: $69–$149
    Money-back guarantee: 90 days
    Maximum number of disputes: Unlimited with the Prosperity and Success Plus packages
    Types of letters to creditors/bureaus: Dispute, reference, intervention, cease and desist

    The Credit Pros offers a wide range of credit repair services to help customers improve their credit scores. If you need help managing your money to improve your credit, you can use The Credit Pros’ money management tools, like debt payment plans and budgets. Additionally, if you believe you have inaccurate information on your credit history, you might hire The Credit Pros to dispute the information with the credit bureaus and/or creditors. Correcting negative marks on your credit can potentially increase your credit score in just a few months.

    While the service offerings are impressive, The Credit Pros is expensive compared to some other companies in the space.

    The Credit Pros services

    The Credit Pros offers the following services:

    • Access to credit reports and scores
    • ID Cover dark web monitoring
    • Fraud alerts from TransUnion
    • Bill reminder system
    • Debt payoff and budgeting system
    • Credit bureau disputes
    • Creditor interventions
    • Cease and desist letters
    • Letters of reference
    • Credit builder loan program

    What The Credit Pros does not cover

    The Credit Pros will not dispute accurate information on your credit record. The company can only dispute inaccurate, outdated or misleading information.

    Credit repair packages

    The Credit Pros currently offers three credit repair packages.

    The Money Management package

    For $69 per month, you get access to tools that can help you build your credit and protect your identity. This suite of services includes:

    •     One-bureau credit reports
    •     Fraud alerts from TransUnion
    •     Dark web ID monitoring
    •     Bill payment reminders
    •     Debt payoff plans
    •     Budgeting system

    This package does not include traditional credit repair services like credit report disputes or creditor interventions. It also requires a comparatively high first-work fee of $119.

    The Prosperity package

    For $129 per month, you get everything from the Money Management package plus the traditional credit repair services, such as:

    •     Unlimited disputes with all three credit bureaus
    •     Creditor interventions
    •     Cease and desist letters
    •     Letters of reference

    This package requires a first work fee of $129.

    The Success Plus package

    For $149 per month, you get everything included in the Prosperity Package and access to a Credit Builder Loan Program. This program offers a credit line of up to $5,000 from National Credit Direct. This loan is intended to give you a chance to build a good track record of managing credit responsibly. The Success Plus package requires a first work fee of $149.

    Additional features

    Free credit consultation

    The Credit Pros offers a free credit consultation via chat or phone to help you understand how to improve your credit.

    Spanish language assistance

    The website can easily be translated into Spanish by clicking on the Mexican flag in the header. There is also a dedicated Spanish-speaking phone line at 973-968-6976.

    90-day money-back guarantee

    The Credit Pros offers a full refund if it fails “to get any of your questionable items deleted or updated on your credit report.”

    The Credit Pros’ accessibility and availability

    The Credit Pros serves 46 of the 50 states and offers multiple contact methods for customers.


    The Credit Pros currently serves 46 states. The states not serviced are Kansas, Maine, Minnesota and Oregon.

    Contact information

    Customer support is available by phone, online chat and email. However, service hours are not posted online. The customer support line is 800-411-3050, and the email address is [email protected].

    The social media handles for The Credit Pros are:

    • Instagram: @thecreditpros
    • Facebook: @TheCreditPros
    • X: @thecreditpros

    The Credit Pros customer experience

    The Credit Pros provides customer-friendly features like an easy-to-navigate website, clear pricing and a flexible month-to-month subscription model you can cancel anytime.

    However, as with most credit repair services, the customer experience depends largely on results. Customers are generally satisfied with The Credit Pros when they see an improvement in their credit scores and unsatisfied if they don’t see an improvement.

    Contract duration

    Customers do not need to sign a contract with The Credit Pros. Instead, you can subscribe to a monthly service package and cancel the subscription at any time to avoid further charges.

    Customer and third-party reviews

    •     BBB rating: 3.94 stars with 139 reviews. The Credit Pros is not currently accredited by the Better Business Bureau. However, it does have an A+ rating.
    •     Consumer Affairs average rating: 4.8 stars with 104 reviews
    •     Google Reviews average rating: 4.2 stars with 507 reviews
    •     Trustpilot average rating: Due to a breach of Trustpilot’s guidelines. Trustpilot believes some of the reviews for TheCreditPros were fake reviews. As a result, Trustpilot is not currently providing a TrustScore.

    It is important to remember that credit repair companies have limited capabilities. They can only correct inaccurate, outdated and misleading information on your credit report; they cannot remove accurate negative marks. Additionally, you have to do your part as a consumer. For example, if you pay your bills late, your credit score could go down, even if a credit repair company successfully disputed an error on your report.

    The Credit Pros does have many strong reviews from satisfied customers. There are also the expected negative reviews from customers whose credit has not improved.

    One notable complaint from The Credit Pros customer reviews is that there are stipulations on the money-back guarantee. For example, if The Credit Pros successfully corrects any information on your credit report, the guarantee becomes void.

    Regulatory and legal

    The Credit Pros has run into a few legal issues relating to advertising practices. Plaintiffs allege that The Credit Pros used auto-dialers and/or text bots to promote its services.


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