So how to build a website for free? There are many website programs on the Internet, such as wordpress, etc. You can choose according to your own needs, and most of them are free and open source. As for the space, it is not recommended to buy expensive ones for the first time. You can use cheap or even free ones to practice and get familiar with the host panel and website building process.

Here, the blogger recommends several free spaces for everyone, all of which have been used before. I attach my own experience for your reference. I hope it will be helpful to some friends who want to build a website but have no experience.

Freehostia (
Freehostia is an old-fashioned American host company, founded in 2005, and has been doing free hosting for some years. Their free space size is fixed at 250M, monthly traffic is 6G, and there is no compulsory advertisement. After experience, I feel that the stability is not bad, and the access delay will be relatively high. In addition, I want to remind everyone that they do not provide a second-level domain name, nor do they support the activation of a second-level domain name. You need to have your own first-level domain name.
Host Egg (

Their free space was mainly free space in the United States before, with 1G space, 50M MySQL database, and 10G monthly traffic. Their home has been free before, but due to the real-name authentication policy in the past two years, the real-name authentication process after registering an account needs to charge a cost of one yuan. In addition, you need to purchase a cloud ticket of 0.01 yuan for subsequent renewals, and you will be renewed once a month.

The free space of Host Egg is the longest free space used by Host Baby. The data security has always been relatively guaranteed, and the overall experience of using it is not bad, especially the free space in Hong Kong, which is basically no different from the ordinary paid space. However, the renewal is more troublesome, and it needs to be renewed month by month.
Xrea (
Japan’s old free space has been in operation for more than 10 years. In the past few years, the Xrea space has been temporarily closed for registration, but now this old Japanese free space is finally open again. Their Japanese space size is 1GB, and the daily traffic limit is 1GB. Their space speed is stable, much faster than the free space in the United States, and slightly inferior to the free space in Hong Kong. But their free space has mandatory banner advertisements, which can be regarded as a common problem in some old free spaces. If the technology is good, it can be removed by modifying the code. In addition, they are Japanese websites, and the application threshold is relatively high. It is recommended to find activation strategies on the Internet.

The above are several free spaces and user experience recommended by bloggers. I hope it can be helpful to friends who want to learn how to build a website. A little suggestion, free space is suitable for early learning and hands-on use, if you really want to seriously operate a website later, it is recommended to use paid hosting products

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