First of all, let’s understand the general process of claim settlement, so that you can know how to settle claims in auto insurance so that you will not panic when you are in danger. The first step to report: After a traffic accident, the owner should notify the traffic police within 24 hours and the insurance company within 48 hours.

The second step of investigation: Before the arrival of the insurance company personnel, the car owner needs to protect the scene. In particular, the accident documents issued by the traffic police department should be properly kept, and you can also take as many photos of the scene as possible; the third step is to determine the damage and check the price: this is the key link in claim settlement. If the vehicle is seriously damaged and needs to be dismantled and inspected before the damage can be determined or there are multiple accidents, the damaged vehicle must go to the damage assessment center to determine the damage according to the requirements of the insurance company. After the damage is determined, the vehicle can be driven to the repair shop for repairs. The fourth step is documents: the owner should submit the necessary documents to the insurance company within 10 days after the accident is closed. These include the accident notice, the damage statement, the car repair invoice, the accident certificate and so on.

After the above four steps, the car owner has completed the most basic claim settlement process, and also generally knows how to settle claims in car insurance.

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