cPanel is a relatively common hosting management panel in the world. As a webmaster, you must master the basic operations of cPanel.
There are three basic binding types for cPanel panel domain name management:
Parked Domains: Multiple domain names tied to a website.

For example, if you have registered two domain names: and, and you want others to visit any of the domain names to visit your same website, you can use the [Suspended Domain] function to bind them.

Addon Domains: Bind another domain name to the space to build another independent website.

For example, in your space, there is already a website, and you want to use to build an independent website at the same time without buying additional space, you can use [additional domain] to bind.

Subdomains (Subdomains): The second-level domain name of the top-level domain name you bind to the host.

For example, if you have a domain name, you can also set a second-level domain name such as,

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