Now, when more and more users build websites and purchase cloud servers, they will purchase additional CDN acceleration. Using CDN acceleration for websites has gradually become a new trend. So, why do websites use CDN acceleration?
What is the role of CDN acceleration? To solve this problem, what we need to understand first is, why does website access slow down?
What are the reasons for the slow website access? The slow opening speed of the website is affected by many factors. Here are a few common reasons:

1. The shared hosting server is overwhelmed and the response speed is slow;

2. The pictures and content of the website are too large, and it takes a lot of time to download;

3. The website Too many different scripts and images are used which are not optimized for a fast loading website and take a long time to load;

4. The server location of the website is in a different geographical location than the visitors of your website. So what are the benefits of using CDN acceleration for websites? 1. Website acceleration is beneficial to search engine rankings Many search engines regard website opening speed as an important indicator, so website opening speed will affect search rankings. After using CDN acceleration, the opening speed of the website becomes faster, which can reduce the bounce rate and increase the user-friendly experience of the website. 2. It is conducive to improving the conversion rate of the website. There is no doubt that the time spent by users visiting the website is increased and the bounce rate is reduced, which will of course be beneficial to the conversion rate and sales of the website. People in the current environment are more impetuous. I think no one has the patience to wait for a website that takes 10 seconds to open. Such a website is not friendly at the beginning, let alone improve the conversion rate of the website. 3. Improve the stability and security of the website CDN acceleration Because the nodes are scattered, it is difficult for attackers to attack. Attacking a node only affects the cache access of a node. If the number of CDN service nodes is large enough, the traffic packets needed by the attacker will be It will increase geometrically, so the attack cost will naturally be high.

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